Cycles : intuitive feeling

Closing out the cycle.

The feeling is the secret.

We are constantly communicating to the Universe within every single moment, with every thought, with every mood, with every action, with every choice.

We also live in cycles, in different phases, exactly as everything else in the Universe.  We cycle like stars, like seasons, like the sun and the moon.  We open chapters and we close chapters.  Every season indicates the milestone Spirit is moving you through,  These seasons are neither good nor bad, but oftentimes we categorize the seasons as such because we don’t choose to honor that we have seasons.  In fact, I’d say it’s safe to say that we don’t acknowledge we have seasons at all.  When we deny ourselves this awareness, we energetically put up unnecessary hurdles that we have to seemingly push over or plow through; but, this energy is only ever our own resistance to the naturally occurring cycle Spirit has had us cycling through.

When we sit in nature or find some other types of “grounding” exercises as a part of our routine maintenance or spiritual process, we are more in touch and in tune with these cycles so we spiral through them without resistance.  Yes, it may feel like we’re touching through things we’ve already cycled through; the difference is we are cycling upward, spiraling upward, rather than trudging through the same mud.

Our reactions to our seasons send out reverberations that are tiny little constant messages to the Divine which communicate a message that the Universe can only respond to with reciprocity.  This is also known as the law of attraction.  So if we are sending out messages of woe and worry, we receive stressful reverberations back; if we are sending out messages of harmony and acceptance, we receive messages of flow right back.

These cycles are meant to teach us as we learn to find our footing with each yes and no that we speak and move through.  The more often we yield to Spirit, the stronger we become in our footing, the more balanced we become, and the more likely we are to feel confident and excited about what will happen next.  This is a healthy way of manifesting our lives.  Instead of, “Great, what else will happen next?”, our questions are re-framed into statements of confident curiosity, “I wonder how the Universe will handle this!”  We’ll take comfort in seasons of Fall and Winter, because we’ll intuitively understand that these seasons of rest (regardless of how bare they will seem) are necessary for the eventual Spring and Summer blooms that are absolutely inevitable.

Instead of thinking our way through things, we become ponderers.  Instead of obsessing over what we perceive as chaos, we’ll reflect on these potentials as opportunities for advancement in whatever ways the Universe decides to expand in our lives.

The biggest lesson, though, is that if we want guidance, we must ask for guidance.  If we want guidance, we must be open and ready (and confident that it will arrive!) to receive guidance.  If we sincerely feel afraid, we must admit it.  Admit that accepting the situation is terrifying and that help is needed to surrender it.

Be you.  Be the you that doesn’t have it all together.  Be the you that is open to not knowing it all.  Be the you that knows that no matter what, your parents — Divine Father and Divine Mother — are ultimately responsible for you, just like you might be responsible for other things you care about (be it pets, children, plants, houses, cars–whatever!).  Accept that while you play a role in keeping you, you are ultimately the Divine’s responsibility, and you can trust that the Divine has your best interest at heart.