Unmixed Presence : Co-Creating with the Divine

Sometimes our journeys take us into a Divinely Orchestrated solitude. All doors seem to close in front of us, save for the door to our own hearts. In this solitude, we look within at all the conversations we have in our minds that are echoes of translations of our experiences. The mind has this ability to scan the environment, constantly looking for ways to protect the body/person/mind; this is a naturally occurring and evolutionary feature. The mind, or “ego”, is not a “bad guy” as some would refer to it, for without the mind, no one would ever eat. Spirit doesn’t have need, and while Spirit animates the body, the mind was only ever meant to serve a certain function. When there’s an imbalance, typically it’s mind emotionally interpreting the world around trying to save itself. What it doesn’t know, or doesn’t always remember, is that it doesn’t need saving. It doesn’t need to save the body; it doesn’t need to protect itself.

When we enter this place of solitude, we are able to witness all that the mind really is doing in the background. We’re able to find the courage to heal. Our Divine Life Purpose is that we enter a place of acceptance, of all of our experiences, of all of our interpretations of experience, while stripping away any of the untrue aspects of those interpretations. When we are able to do that, we’re able to co-create/manifest a life of healing which inevitably heals those around us. — This “healing those around us” is a byproduct of our energy just having a ripple effect; it is not our responsibility. In fact, it is never “us” doing any healing at all. These are just the limitations of language we’re working with. What is really happening is, when we become whole within ourselves, when we love ourselves deeply, we begin to live in an authenticity that is freeing. This authenticity gives permission to those around us to be authentic themselves.

Living through authenticity breaks any binding thoughts the mind might have around our ability to interpret our feelings.

Our feelings are great flags and helpers of our intuition, but if our feelings are always being expressed by our mind rather than Spirit, then our feelings will be unreliable in terms of intuition because the signal will be mixed with fear.

We must be empty canvases in order to be the masterpieces we were truly meant to be.

Mooji calls it “unmixed presence” and it is such a beautiful term to me. Unbiased, untainted, seeing things as they really are without the spin of the mind that feels threatened and in need of protecting itself.

I am currently re-learning how to live in this unmixed presence, currently healing the mixed part of me that wants (and wants and wants and wants), and fears change.

The truth is, we are all in wholeness; the mind just tells us it isn’t so, because the mind is afraid we’ll die if it believes it’s whole.