Divine Consciousness

I believe God is how we live and move and have our being; he is the life that animates us, the Consciousness behind everything, but inconceivable due, great in part, to our egos/pride. “He” is not the created thing, itself, but in everything that it may even exist in any capacity at all. Incidentally, scientists, no matter how far they break down particles, can never break them down far enough to a point of finding any thing’s “smallest point”. In other words, there is no ending point — as long as something can be observed, it will be observable.

[You cannot explain God, because in doing so, you would limit him. He is not a he or even a she; he is not an “it” either.   I believe God is genderless.  For that matter, God is not even “God”. That is only a word/symbol to try and simplify what no one understands.]

Even more fascinating is “matter” is only slower energy than “invisible” energy (which is only more rapidly moving). This energy is what comprises anything and everything — every single part of all of us and of animals and tables and chairs and water and air: it’s all energy, just at different frequencies, or “vibrations”. Einstein’s revelation of E = mc^2 means Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared. There is nothing that is not comprised of energy.

Thus, “God” is energy.

Dogma, religion, beliefs, books, cannot limit or contain or fathom the greatness or vastness of this Universal Consciousness. And while religions would like to trademark the experience of God, and even patent and market It, it simply doesn’t work that way.