T Minus 10 Days (and counting): The Looking Glass

Untangling thoughts is the kind of chore that feels like when you’ve been handed two necklaces by little girls who got them knotted together and you’re their only resolve. Yes, it can be undone. But, dammit, why did this happen. (Did this get oddly specific?)

But sometimes you find this one little loop-hole, this saving grace of a hole that seemed unlikely and impossible, and a million hour job suddenly turned into a thirty second one.

Here was my loop-hole, tucked neatly into a book called Silence by Thich Nhat Hanh:

Thoughts are impermanent.

While this is obvious, I’m certainly not remembering that when in the throes of building entire empires on one flimsy little thought that apparently struck a chord.

When I turned my loop-hole over in my mind, I confirmed that, yes, thoughts are impermanent. I’ve certainly been thinking different thoughts from a year ago, from three years, five, and even more years ago.

I like the way Mooji put it, not verbatim, but as I recollect it was something like this: As soon as you notice you’re ruminating on something that isn’t true, unplug from the thought. Detach its power source [your attention]. Do not feed it, because when you starve something, it will die.

I often like to tell my students that it’s not so serious. I heard once, and in this moment I can’t remember from whom, that it’s only the ego that takes things seriously.

So, really, while I have sad thoughts to which I sometimes attach meaning or stories naturally enhancing their ability to entice me to build empires in which to live, I fortunately inevitably remember — it’s not so serious.

And if it seems that it is, perhaps I’m not seeing through the most helpful lens and I ought change my looking glass to see through it.

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