T Minus 24 Days (and counting): Definitions vs. Infinity

“Beauty is broader than what people allow.  People try to contain it; when people try to fully understand something, they’re unintentionally trying to limit it.  A limit is a boundary and in order to define something, you must place a boundary on it in order to contain it.  Sometimes people misplace boundaries and miss complete galaxies of chances for discovery or awe.”

I wrote that in a letter to my son on a desperate day of urgency to the desire of proving a point. It was a rapid sort of writing, a flow that had more to it than just that, but it was necessary to me (at the time) to reveal this little secret Life tended to keep close to its chest.  Regardless of the context, it’s true.

But it goes beyond beauty.

In my own little effort to maintain my limited capacity, I shrink things down in order to better digest them.  I need big ideas of Unknown to shrink down into safe little packets of Known and Okay.  This is all because of that little thing called “control” which is actually a disguise for another totally different thing called “I-don’t-trust-Life-okay?-and-I’m-scared-and-need-to-protect-myself”.

The more and more I go through circumstances that reflect the nature of Unknown and come out unscathed (albeit, chiseled) on the other side, the more I realize that it’s okay for me to not know.  Life is safe.

Don’t be afraid of not knowing. It is only the idea of knowing nothing that brings fear. We carry and hold on to a lot of concepts, a lot of mental garbage. We want to be free but we want to be free with our garbage. We want to preserve our identity at all cost because we believe identity to be what we are. And we are afraid that to find the Truth means to lose our existence, to lose consciousness. But you are only going to lose your non-existence, your un-truth. This is the most auspicious and most beautiful discovery. When you understand your true nature then this entire dream is undone. – Mooji


When I define the world around me, it becomes finite.  Life is infinite; if I want Life to be infinite inside of me, limitations won’t serve me.  I must let go.  ❤  Even if the outcome is not particularly certain to me, because what is certain is that I trust Life.  And it will all work out for my good.

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