Vision of Peace

I sat in the garage while a friend told me about the object most recently desired, details and all.  I started to say something, but I hesitated.

I started again, “You know how time is of this dimension but there is another dimension that can see all of time, beginning and end, separately from it?”

Friend nodded, “Yeah.”

“Well,” I continued, “what if you started viewing your [desire] from the dimension that isn’t a part of time, and started thanking the Universe for [its manifestation that] you already have (since you can see it when you are out of time)?”

The facial response given felt like the expression I felt inside of my heart. I wasn’t speaking from my own thoughts; in fact, I’d never even considered this perspective before uttering these words aloud.  I spoke and my own mind was blown.  I could see time as a ribbon in front of me at that point.  And from then on, when I begin to worry about what might happen in the future, I remember the ribbon and start thanking God for what already is, even though I cannot see it yet.

This is faith; this is trust; this is the vision of peace.

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