signposts: little flickers throughout the night

  • Don’t make bad choices (by “bad”, I mean choices that neither take you closer to who you want to be, to what you want to attract in your life, nor to where you want to go).
  • Decisions seem innocuous; they seem arbitrary, but they’re not. They’re enormous, but invisible, dominoes falling upon each other .


  • Define what you want to do and how you want to be first: then map how to get there. If you are aimless without acknowledging the time, you’ll miss your window. No matter what people tell you, it’s not a big window.
  • Work within the perimeters you’ve been afforded.
  • Don’t take what’s not yours unless it’s a gift; then receive it graciously.
  • If you are generous, you will never lack a thing.
  • Be patient; especially with others.
  • Never forget to serve.
  • Always take care of yourself: all facets — exercise, eat well, pray, sit in silence, enjoy nature and music; never stop learning or reading.
  • The kingdom of God is within you. Don’t let anyone take that from you.
  • Don’t let thoughts control you.
  • You create the environment around you. You create your success.
  • When you do the right things, you open portals for good to flow to you.
  • Teach others how to love. Teach them by loving them.
  • When someone is “not good enough”, who cares? What is good? Who measures goodness?
  • Never stop loving. It is the medicine that people need.
  • Thoughts create attitudes and words and behaviors which create environments and atmospheres and ambiance and aura.
  • The longer you employ the proper technique, the longer you’ll be expert and the longer you’ll have success. This is why it matters what you do — even when you are young.
  • Never accept something as fact unless it is confirmed by at least two or three witnesses, but (even then), check the character (integrity) of your sources.
  • When people disappoint you, remember it’s because they’re people; also remember that you disappoint people too.
  • If you don’t remember that you need forgiveness, you’ll forget to forgive.
  • If you don’t remember that you could be hungry, you’ll forget to give.
  • If you don’t remember that you like to talk, you’ll forget to listen.
  • On the day you don’t want to run, run anyway.
  • On the day you don’t want to play ukulele, play anyway. Even if it’s for 10 minutes.
  • If someone minimizes what you see as valuable, don’t take it personally. Everyone is unique and prefers different things.
  • It’s okay to be different.
  • Write. Type. Whatever. Just record your thoughts. They can’t stagnate in your brain; you must share them.
  • Find someone. A friend. A best friend. And love that person even when they’re not perfect, because they aren’t, and they never will be — and that’s okay.
  • It’s okay that you’re not perfect too, because you’re still great.
  • Don’t judge people. It’s such a waste of energy. So someone likes something you despise– so what?!
  • If there was no diversity even the beauty of a bouquet would be limited.
  • Don’t limit beauty.
  • DON’T LIMIT BEAUTY! Beauty is not only white skin or only black; it is not only roudness or only thin; it is not only blue eyes or only brown.
  • Beauty is kindness and love, forgiveness and compassion.
  • Beauty is generosity and helpfulness, listening and encouraging.


Beauty is broader than what people allow.

People try to contain it; when people try to fully understand something, they’re unintentionally trying to limit it. A limit is a boundary and in order to define something, you must place a boundary on it in order to contain it.

Sometimes people misplace boundaries and miss complete galaxies of chances for discovery or awe.

This is why God is misunderstood.

You cannot explain God, because in doing so, you would limit him. He is not a he or even a she; he is not an “it” either.

God cannot be limited or confined or contained; nor imagined nor understood completely. You must accept this. God is not even “God”. That is only a word to try and simplify what no one understands.

God is ENERGY. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It just is in one way or another in everything. He is the highest frequency; the healthiest vibration. He pulses through, giving your body life.

One day, your body will not host this energy. It will be transferred to some other place. Maybe back to its origin, maybe to another body — we don’t know that yet. The energy that animates your body is a gift from the Source. You have the power to increase the vibration of this energy. You can lower this vibration or increase it. Make the choice to increase it. This will be better for everyone around you and will make your own life enjoyable.

  • Learn science. This will answer your questions.
  • Never stop learning.
  • Maintain yourself. No one else will. You must take care of yourself or you will break or lose your energy.
  • You are comprised of organic materials; thus you will increase your potential when run by organic materials.
  • You will also resemble other organic systems. Consider EARTH.
  • Earth emits measurable frequencies, has an “aura” (shield) and many other facets which humans mirror in regards to make up. Use this knowledge to understand your body.
  • You are not an accident. You are not arbitrary, invisible, expendable, or common.
  • You have power. If you do not believe that, you will be right.
  • Do not make companions who do not share the same goals, standards, ideas for success as you do.

By all means, love and serve and help everyone and do not be prejudice in your capacity to be helpful; but do not become good friends or lovers or create environments wherein you will be regularly around [people who do not share your values]. I kept doing that, thinking I was being loving. That’s not loving. I was slowly killing myself.

  • You are not invincible.

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